The Project

European Union countries have reinforced the commitment with green energies by including a new target of 32% from renewable by 2030 (European Parliament, 2018). At the same time, the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) focuses on the socio-economic challenges facing agriculture and rural areas.  Farming has a huge environmental impact but there are new techniques and practices that have been implemented to achieve a more sustainable agriculture. This project addresses the current needs to move to a more sustainable type of farming, with the help of the renewable energies and it is focused on agricultural VET centres.

In this frame, Energy4Farming objectives are the following:

  • To promote the improvement and modernisation of VET agricultural studies through the professional development of VET teachers (in relation with renewable energies)
  • To include innovative entrepreneurship practices in VET based on the new opportunities offered by the renewable energy sector in order to diversify the rural economy activities

To facilitate the introduction of innovative project-based learning experiences to meet societal needs in agricultural VET studies by the educational approach of based project learning