Although Energy4Farming contributes to the achievement of several horizontal and sectoral priorities, the main aim of the project is focused on giving new skills, ideas and methods for the professional development of VET teachers. Its main strategy consists of supporting the professional development of VET teachers in renewable energies for farming, as well as giving them guidelines for introducing the project-based learning methodology, entrepreneurial skills, and developing their language competences. Moreover, VET centres are the best targets for this project due to its focus on environment on agricultural students who are about to enter the labour market. This will provide those students with new skills and knowledge about sustainable techniques, which are in demand in the agricultural sector in order to achieve the targets on sustainability of the European Union, as well as helping them to develop practical experience thanks to the project-based learning methodology that will promote the partnership among different institutions, organisations and companies. As this project is focused in acquiring knowledge on sustainability in order to diminish the pollution impact in the environment, it is also complementary with the horizontal need of environmental and climate goals. In this sense, and linked with the priorities and topics, the project objectives are the following: – To promote the improvement and modernisation of VET agricultural studies through the professional development of VET teachers (in relation with renewable energies) – To include innovative entrepreneurship practices in VET based on the new opportunities offered by the renewable energy sector in order to diversify the rural economy activities – To facilitate the introduction of innovative project-based learning experiences to meet societal needs in agricultural VET studies by the educational approach of based project learning Based on these objectives, the specific objetives of the project will be the following: 

1. Strengthen the skills of VET teachers in the field of sustainable agriculture.

2. Improve the knowledge of VET teachers regarding the benefits of renewable energies in farming.

3. Reinfornce the VET curriculum of agricultural studies introducing concepts about sustainability. 

4. Improve the students competences on sustainability.

5. Reinforce the employability of VET students through an approach to the labour world.